Putting Wisconsin Jobs First

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Working for Wisconsin supports policies that protect Wisconsin Taxpayers, Wisconsin Workers, and puts Wisconsin First.

Reliable infrastructure like roads, bridges, drinking water, sewer, and energy, are vital components to both everyday life and Wisconsin’s ability to grow and prosper.

The Wisconsin Way

All construction projects, both public and private, should be completed safely, efficiently, on time and on budget. Wisconsin companies should have first crack at Wisconsin work.

Workers should be paid fair and competitive wages and benefits for the skilled, tough, and dangerous work they perform.

Contractors must play by the rules by classifying employees correctly, paying Wisconsin taxes, and contributing fairly to Workers Compensation, and Unemployment Insurance.

Keep Wisconsin Safe

It comes down to one simple question: Do you want our bridges and schools built by untrained workers or by Wisconsin’s highly-skilled workforce? We can’t put our safety – and the safety of our children – in the hands of low-wage, unskilled, out-of -state workers. When proud Wisconsin workers are on the job – workers who are trained to be the most productive, skilled, and efficient in the business – we ensure quality work.

Protect You, The Taxpayer

When the government spends taxpayer dollars on public projects, the job needs to be done right the first time – on time and on budget.

Working For Wisconsin supports local and state policies that require contractors that are awarded public works projects to pay their taxes, have a track record of safety, provide on the job training through apprenticeship, and drug test employees to ensure safety and efficiency on the job.

Keep Jobs Local

Out-of-state contractors are looking to take advantage of recent changes to Wisconsin laws. Their goal is to import low-skilled, untrained workers who will displace high-skilled Wisconsin workers while putting our safety at risk. Projects paid with Wisconsin taxpayers’ money should go to projects built by Wisconsin workers. Plain and simple. We need to foster a Wisconsin economy built by us, for us.

Fair Pay for Hard Work

Most people would agree that honest work deserves an honest wage. The construction industry houses some of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Dangerous and difficult construction from welding, plumbing, pipe fitting, trench work, operating heavy machinery, rigging, and electrical wiring not only risk the safety of the worker, but risks our public safety when done by untrained low-skill workers.

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