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For generations, Wisconsin’s construction industry was the envy of the nation. Today, due to the rollback of proven public policy, out-of-state and cut rate contractors are gaining greater traction in Wisconsin’s construction industry. That means less safety, less efficiency, less worker training, and more costs for taxpayers on public projects. When labor and management work together to ensure high standards, sound worker training, and government holds those who perform taxpayer funded work to a high standard, everyone benefits and an otherwise volatile construction industry is stable and provides good pay and benefits for those tough enough to do the hard work. Working For Wisconsin supports policies that encourage the sustainability of the construction industry in Wisconsin for generations to come.

Local Control

  • Politicians in Madison are making the decisions that your local elected officials are supposed to make. Let’s support our neighbors in our cities, villages, towns, and counties. Working for Wisconsin supports giving local governments the ability to make policies that are right for their local works. You can take our power back and say “enough is enough” to the politicians in Madison.

Wisconsin Work for Wisconsin’s Workers

  • Out-of-state contractors are looking to take advantage of recent changes to Wisconsin laws. Their goal is to import low-skilled, untrained workers who will displace high-skilled Wisconsin workers while putting our safety at risk. Projects paid with Wisconsin taxpayers’ money should go to projects built by Wisconsin workers. Let’s foster a Wisconsin economy built by us, for us.
  • When Indiana weakened its prevailing wage law, it wasn’t long before its workers were losing out on jobs to workers from across the border.

Productive, Safe and Efficient

  • It comes down to one simple question: Do you want our bridges and schools built by untrained workers or by Wisconsin’s highly-skilled workforce? We can’t put our safety – and the safety of our children – in the hands of low-wage, unskilled, out-of-state workers. When proud Wisconsin workers are on the job – workers who are trained to be the most productive, skilled, and efficient in the business – we ensure quality work.


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